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Experience Malaysia and Singapore at Sedap

Southeast Asian foods has been always included with rice, vegetables and spices. Now and then, traditional cuisines have been passed throughout different generations which is still developed until now. They might have been part of some western nationalities as they visit countries in Asia, especially the Southeast part of Asia to experience different cuisines and culture.

Southeast Asian foods are known for having a spicy touch. Never thought that I'd be looking forward to eating more spicy foods until discovering SEDAP! Sedap serves and offers Malaysian and Singaporean dishes. You can found SEDAP at a foodpark called "Foodtrip" located at Marikina City. Sedap is just right at the corner of the foodpark and you can find it easily as you enter. One fact about the food stall is that the chef has resided in Singapore for a very long time.

So now, let me share you my food experience at SEDAP. Drumroll please........

PEDAS UDANG means spicy shrimp. It is cooked in sambal past…
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Food is Life with Foodpanda

Food is essential for a living person. Food is life, yes I know. Who wouldn't love such yummy and tasty foods which are also pleasing to the eyes? Sometimes we crave for foods after we browse into social media apps. Foodporn must be really a curse to social media users like us. Adding to that, the rainy season has officially arrived and because of that, laziness feels arrived as well.
How to satisfy your cravings without going out? Download this mobile app that offers food delivery services from a thousand restaurants in Metro Manila and Cebu just for now. Be satisfied by downloading Foodpanda, an online food delivery platform that enables its users to access a broad selection of restaurants from their computers, laptops and mobile phones. Thanks to this app, I no longer need to take a ride and go out for my food cravings because I can do it just a few clicks away! Download Foodpanda on Google Playstore and Appstore for FREE!

How to use the app?
Okay. So step 1, after opening the …


Last last week, I have received an unexpected door to door delivery package. It was my very first blogger package which is a book entitled BREAK FREE! At first you'll definitely think, Break Free from what? LOVE? Nope. SCHOOL PROBLEMS? Nah. MONEY?! Yes, you're right!
Having yourself as your own boss would not be easy. As to the first principle "DON'T QUIT YOUR JOB", people start to quit their job because of pursuing to have their own business. But of course, we all do not want to be employees forever, right? Generally, this book doesn't encourage you to quit your job.......... YET but in the right time. This book could rather make you empowered or not based on how you will literally take every lessons included in this book.
This book will tell you not just about how can you manage your money. This book will also give advice about the consequences your choices might take. This book will teach you to take one step at a time to get from employee to employer not…

Why Shop At Goods PH?

Shopping is the activity of purchasing goods, wet or dry ones from stores. Bags, watch, dress, jeans, t-shirt and many fashion items and even groceries plus kitchen wares, etc. Before, people use to go to malls and get that exhausted finding what they are supposed to buy. Going to malls can be fun as you can be with friends and you can not just go shopping there as you can also have a food adventure with them and watch movie as what you and your friends desire to subscribe with. Contrary to that, shopping had evolve than ever. From consumers, strolling to malls and walking. Now, you can just order and buy things you want in just a click. You'll just go to that site and make an account, put your address and contact details. Adding to that, you can pick cash-on-delivery for a no hassle and secure payment. There are also big discounts you can encounter there.
It's a no denial thing that many people have this shopping habit specifically to millennials. Online or not, I also admit…

Plan your Next Trip with TRAVELPROS

Travel has become one of the well-planned activity that usually requires attention and preparation. From airfare, hotel accommodation, itinerary, travel documentation and insurances. This is one hell of hard work to do but through an organized plan, your journey will never be as chaotic and squabble all along.
And speaking of organized travel management, TAKE OFF PHILIPPINES just partnered with TRAVELPROS, One of the Best Travel Agencies in the Country, a pillar in Local and International Tour Package Services since 1993. Member of PTAA and IATA. The pioneers in mall-based ticketing operations to help you out in all your travel concerns.
Today, we’ve listed things you should consider while planning your next big trip with your family, friends or that special someone of yours.
Do Background Check on your Destination
The best thing to utilize your "staycation" is to look for a review or a research by simply listing down the following: Where to stay, where to roam around the vi…

Oppo F1S: Travel Essentials of a Woman consumed by Wanderlust

I know many people tend to wish of traveling thousands of miles and conquer every country in the world putting them into their bucket list. Me? I also am consumed by wanderlust and enjoying every places in the world. I've always dreamed of being in Paris, the so-called "City of Love" when I was a child but as I grew up and got matured, that dream of being in Paris became my second priority in traveling because I have learned that it's a must to firstly travel my own country and explore wonderful and amazing places here in the Philippines. I always consider to go hiking and be in a mountain which could make me feel like I'm the queen of the world because I’m on the top and that would be one of the best feelings we can ever have in life.
(credits to
"And moving on, here is MY TRAVEL ESSENTIALS!"
My favorite lucky charm is my blue and white shell bracelet from Boracay because my birthstone is blue and white means purity and…

Oppo F1s: Capturing Philippines

Philippines is known to be as one of the favorite destination of foreigners from different countries. There are a lot of beaches which is one of their first destination when having a tour. We have Boracay in Aklan and El Nido in Palawan as their main destination in our country. Many foreigners come to Philippines to enjoy a tropical climate because mainly of them are those who are from low temperature countries. Thus, as a Filipino, of course I got used to the weather in the Philippines. I got used to the high temperature here and definitely I do really want to be in a cold place right now. But the main question is where? Do I really need to think about that? Lol. We have Benguet!

Benguet's main tourist spot is definitely Baguio. Baguio is a highly urbanized city and is known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines because people go at this place to eventually escape Manila's heat. Who wouldn't love to be around Baguio right? There are many tourist spots out there. I won&#…