Oppo F1s: Capturing Philippines

Philippines is known to be as one of the favorite destination of foreigners from different countries. There are a lot of beaches which is one of their first destination when having a tour. We have Boracay in Aklan and El Nido in Palawan as their main destination in our country. Many foreigners come to Philippines to enjoy a tropical climate because mainly of them are those who are from low temperature countries. Thus, as a Filipino, of course I got used to the weather in the Philippines. I got used to the high temperature here and definitely I do really want to be in a cold place right now. But the main question is where? Do I really need to think about that? Lol. We have Benguet!

Benguet's main tourist spot is definitely Baguio. Baguio is a highly urbanized city and is known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines because people go at this place to eventually escape Manila's heat. Who wouldn't love to be around Baguio right? There are many tourist spots out there. I won't mention every spots out there but I suggest you all guys to go to Burnham Park and rent a bike or a boat. The best part there is to go see the park at night.

(Disclaimer: Burnham Pictures are not mine.)

You can also go to THE MANSION and take a picture with your family and friends. I didn't have a pic at the mansion itself, selfie or anything because at the time we are at Baguio it was summer so there are lots of people. Instead, I took a picture of the history of the house.

However, it's not the Baguio I cherish about Benguet. It's the strawberry picking fresh from the farm. The Strawberry Farm is not in Baguio but is located in the nearby town of La Trinidad, Benguet, about less than 10 kms away or 30 minutes travel time from the center of Baguio. I've searched the distance of the farm to Baguio City to give informations for those who hasn't been able to go to Baguio. Picture below was years ago. I think that's 3 years ago but I'm not that sure enough.

I almost forgot that a vacation can't be complete without an easy-to-use camera but I'm not talking about DSLR. It's hard to use for beginners. Having a cellphone that processes a high resolution of images is a savior right? You can go back to those photographs seeing clear image of it. So I suggest bring a "Selfie Expert" phone to have perfect pictures to share on social media or anywhere you like.

It's hard to find a "Selfie Expert" phone that is quite on budget. However, Oppo F1s is the best phone I can suggest. I take a lot of selfies everytime so I think this is the right for me. It has a 16MP Front Camera. Impressive, right? Have your own "Selfie Expert" phone for perfect vacation!


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