Oppo F1S: Travel Essentials of a Woman consumed by Wanderlust

I know many people tend to wish of traveling thousands of miles and conquer every country in the world putting them into their bucket list. Me? I also am consumed by wanderlust and enjoying every places in the world. I've always dreamed of being in Paris, the so-called "City of Love" when I was a child but as I grew up and got matured, that dream of being in Paris became my second priority in traveling because I have learned that it's a must to firstly travel my own country and explore wonderful and amazing places here in the Philippines. I always consider to go hiking and be in a mountain which could make me feel like I'm the queen of the world because I’m on the top and that would be one of the best feelings we can ever have in life.

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"And moving on, here is MY TRAVEL ESSENTIALS!"

My favorite lucky charm is my blue and white shell bracelet from Boracay because my birthstone is blue and white means purity and innocence and also both of them is my favorite color as well. See it on the upper left portion of the picture below.

I just have this small watch to know what time is it already and also to budget my time as well. I prefer smaller watch because it seems to be comfortable rather than those huge, but it's up to you.

For a warm colored cheeks.

For reminding yourself, your beautiful as ever!

For keeping your kissable lips noticeable with your preferred shade.

This is for protecting our beloved eyes on sunlight if it's too bright.

Of course it's a must to have a small wallet we can carry all the way our travel experience.

I surely need this one because that is my essential for editing my photos as well because it's large in preview rather than using a mobile phone.

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It's a good thing to capture memories and I'm pretty sure that every traveler won't be contented to not have a picture on every travel experience. It has been a part of our culture. So an OPPO F1s for my travel which has a 16-megapixel front camera and a 13-megapixel rear camera (back cam) is included to my travel essentials from now on because a picture of an amazing view is a must but a picture with the amazing view would be brilliant. You can have yours with a 3GB RAM processor for 32GB of internal storage but if you want bigger you can have a 4GB RAM processor for 64GB! Cool, right? Bigger Storage plus a faster processor is life! You can also do your favorite selfie in a wider mode called "Selfie Panorama"! *click!
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  1. I'm a first time visitor & when I saw a pic of a hiking girl on a rock I thought that was you! Did you go to Paris?

    1. I haven't been to Paris but if I had the chance to visit any country, I would love be in the "City of Love". Btw, could you take me there? haha. just kidding :*


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