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Southeast Asian foods has been always included with rice, vegetables and spices. Now and then, traditional cuisines have been passed throughout different generations which is still developed until now. They might have been part of some western nationalities as they visit countries in Asia, especially the Southeast part of Asia to experience different cuisines and culture.

Southeast Asian foods are known for having a spicy touch. Never thought that I'd be looking forward to eating more spicy foods until discovering SEDAP! Sedap serves and offers Malaysian and Singaporean dishes. You can found SEDAP at a foodpark called "Foodtrip" located at Marikina City. Sedap is just right at the corner of the foodpark and you can find it easily as you enter. One fact about the food stall is that the chef has resided in Singapore for a very long time.

So now, let me share you my food experience at SEDAP. Drumroll please........

PEDAS UDANG means spicy shrimp. It is cooked in sambal paste and of course, chili. Looks better as it was decorated with sliced cucumbers. You can always tell how spicy you want it to be because as it was served, it's extremely spicy but I love spicy foods so I can't complain to this. Lol. This dish is best paired with a cup of chicken rice but it can also be a pulutan.

PEDAS KEPAH means spicy mussels or tahong in Filipino. This dish is consisting of mussels saute in onion and garlic with chili toppings and thin-sliced lemon. Best paired with their best-selling beer from singapore.

HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE SET comes with a chili sauce. I really love how tender and soft this chicken is because I have been always plated with a usual rough fried chicken. This rice set is paired with a sweet soup topped with sesame seeds. Here is a close look of the chicken.

AYAM NASI GORENG is a dish consist of fried chicken with rice including a sunny side up egg. The chicken was also tender and soft as similar to the hainanese chicken but the only difference was that the chicken is fried.

Here's my favorite pick on all the dishes I tried at SEDAP, the SAMBAL SOTONG that means squid in sambal paste. This dish is extremely spicy and the squid is carefully cooked as it has not been chewable as bubblegum when you eat it, not like on the other restaurant I have visited.

And lastly, the CRISPY ROASTED PIG or LECHON. This is not a malaysian food nor a singaporean food as well because it is a traditional Filipino food occasionally served at parties but here at Sedap, they have a twist on how they serve this lechon to customers. This roasted pig is sliced into strips, consisting of the skin and meat of the pig (no fats), then wrapped together with wansoy (parsely) and cucumber slices in malunggay wrapper. They serve 200 grams per serving if you're not into buying a whole lechon.

Discovering such foods would not have been too exciting if without this friends I'm with throughout the food experience. I suggest trying out all the dishes at this food stall with your friends for a happier eating experience.

Sedap is owned by Marie Vivienne Abelador (Owner of Rancho Maria at Palawan and Co-Owner of Mesa Restaurant at Ortigas) and Bien Magno, Jr. (Owner of Topside Diner at Manila and Co-Owner of Mesa Restaurant at Ortigas).

For more updates and exciting dishes, check out their Instagram and Facebook Page.
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5 Guerilla Street, Corner Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue, Marikina City


  1. I absolutely love food i mean who doesn't? the food there looks really good. If I went there it would be for the food hehe :)

  2. Great post i like food but i am vegetarian.

  3. It looks so delicious! :) It looks like you had a great time :)


  4. All this food looks absolutely delicious. Singapore is such a great foodie destination.

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  6. Wow!! Looked so good. Especially the shrimp!

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  8. A new delightful discovery!
    I may try to visit there on my first pay��


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