Food is Life with Foodpanda

Food is essential for a living person. Food is life, yes I know. Who wouldn't love such yummy and tasty foods which are also pleasing to the eyes? Sometimes we crave for foods after we browse into social media apps. Foodporn must be really a curse to social media users like us. Adding to that, the rainy season has officially arrived and because of that, laziness feels arrived as well.
How to satisfy your cravings without going out? Download this mobile app that offers food delivery services from a thousand restaurants in Metro Manila and Cebu just for now. Be satisfied by downloading Foodpanda, an online food delivery platform that enables its users to access a broad selection of restaurants from their computers, laptops and mobile phones. Thanks to this app, I no longer need to take a ride and go out for my food cravings because I can do it just a few clicks away! Download Foodpanda on Google Playstore and Appstore for FREE!

How to use the app?

Okay. So step 1, after opening the app it will tell you to enter your location. You have a choice to use your current location or set it to where you want the food to be delivered if you want it to send to a friend or a family member even to a special someone. This app thereafter will give you a list of restaurants within 3 kilometer radius to ensure that food will be in a mint or good condition upon arrival. (Left phone below)

Next step? Choose a restaurant in the list provided by the app which has over a thousand partner restaurants in Metro Manila and Cebu as I have already stated above. Choose any cuisine you're craving for from Japanese, American or even Chinese foods. (Right phone below)

Afterwards, choose from the menu of your chosen restaurant. Prices of menu items and the minimum order required will be visible in the app. You can also be notified about promos offered by such restaurants. (Left phone below)

You're halfway there! Add your desired product to your basket. You can go back if you had a mistake and add other items to the basket. Most restaurants charge delivery fees for just 59 pesos no matter how much your food bill is. (Right phone below)

Fifth step, ensure that you got all your cravings before proceeding to checkout. (Left phone below)

Choose your delivery address for this step. You can add a different address if you want to send food to someone plus you can also put specific delivery instructions. (Right phone below)

Second to the last step is the payment. Foodpanda offers various payment methods from online even to offline. They accept cash on delivery and online payment form all major credit cards and paypal depending on the restaurant you ordered. (Left phone below)

Final Step is checking your order details. Make sure everything is correct then click the button below to confirm your order details and patiently wait for your order to arrive. This app has a timer that starts automatically once you placed an order. Default waiting time is 60 seconds after the restaurant has confirmed the receipt of your order and if you had a concern, you can call and talk to a customer service representative using the Live Chat function on both mobile app and desktop site. (Right phone below)

Everything has been very easy online, people can have their orders using their gadgets and just wait for it while spending time with their love ones.

About Foodpanda:

Foodpanda, #YourFoodDeliveryApp , is one of the world's leading online food ordering and delivery platform that enables restaurants to be visible to mobile app and web users. It is powered by tech giant Delivery Hero and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Foodpanda was made to offer convenience and wide food options to busy and hungry customers.

Foodpanda entered the Philippine market in 2014 and now partnered with nearly 2000 restaurants to provide access to great food option in key cities and urban centers. Visit or download the app to order.


  1. This is convenient ! Will try using the app soon :) thanks for sharing :)

  2. This apps very convenient for me, because I lazy to go out dining, save time and petrol

  3. Very good apps. My sis likes to use foodpanda apps !

  4. Never use foodpanda before but I been hearing about it for quite some time. Maybe I should try it out!

  5. I use this app before but there are good and bad experience though lol


  6. Never use foodpanda before but I been know about it

  7. Foodpanda is awesome. So many to choose from at the comfort of home

  8. So far haven't try food panda but keep seeing my friend using this. Seems so convenient - Racheal

  9. So convenient with this app ya! Thanks for recommending!

  10. I've tried foodpanda a few times, it's really convenient during weekends when I wanna laze around.

  11. You said that right. Food sure is life with foodpanda. I have used the app a number of times and find it very convenient. Cheers!!

  12. This is really convenient, i also uses FoodPanda a lot.



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